If you have had the pleasure of joining the world of “dolls” you know they are not cheap…and neither are their accessories. My daughter is 7 and loves her dolls! She told me they wanted to have a sleepover and asked me to make a sleeping bag for them. So instead of spending at least $20 on one in the store I thought I would have a go at making it.

I took to Pinterest and found this one. Her directions are very easy to follow and measurements are on point. I have a very basic sewing machine and love it. Easy to use and does a great job.

I also figured out that a standard size pillow case folded in half would also work instead of buying two different fabrics. So if you are looking for a cheaper version that is the way to go.

My daughter (and her doll) love it and you can make it any color or style you choose instead of being limited in the store. Very fun and a great, quick, afternoon project.


Pinterest Link

Website link for directions