I absolutely love my husband’s grilling! We can definitely chow down on his BBQ wings in all flavors. He has mastered the Weber charcoal grill and even though time-consuming they come out perfect every time. He is an amazing husband and father and deserves the best. For Father’s Day last year I wanted to give him something to go along with his grill. I found this tray on Pinterest and knew right  away I had to have the kids make it for him. It’s really pretty easy…here is what you need.

You will need a white oven safe plate.

Food safe paint.

And some good sharpie markers.

See the website link for directions for painting on plates.

This is a fun project for the kids (get a little paint on their hands), and Daddy’s love a good handmade thoughtful Father’s Day gift. Have some fun with your kids and give Daddy a useful gift made with LOTS of love.

Happy Father’s Day!

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