DIY Handprint T-Shirt Gift

Everyone loves a handmade gift. Something to cherish for years to come and say, “remember when…”. I love to give usable handmade gifts from the kids every year for Christmas, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, and birthdays. We made these to give to my dad and my father in law and they were a big hit. Super easy and not difficult on the wallet.

Purchase a white t-shirt (in the size of the person you are making it for). I use fabric paint because it washes well. I have tried regular paint and it didn’t at all. I also use fabric markers too.

Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface and put some cardboard inside the shirt…so the paint does not bleed through to the other side. Grab the kids and get started. I use a paint brush and brush the paint on their hands. There is no rhyme or reason to where the handprints go so get creative.

Have fun! Let the kids have fun! Make some great handmade gifts.

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