Sometimes we just need to bring a bit of the sea into our house. Growing up by the beach and now living in Virginia AWAY from the beach I like to have those little reminders of the “sea” in and around my home. After collecting a bunch of shells from all of our travels I decided to seek out a fun way to do this. I found this on Pinterest and grabbed my shells and my glue gun. (If you don’t have any shells you can always buy them online).

I went to Goodwill in search of a frame and lucked out by finding a 12 x 12 shadow box.

I then hit up my Michael’s for some scrapbook paper. You can use any color you want and can get creative with even some cork.

I laid out my design first and THEN glued it (kind of using the measure twice cut once idea). And that is it! Stick the paper in your frame. It might have to be attached to the backing because it will be heavy with shells on it and will try to fall forward. Hang it up!

Beautiful home decor which gets lots of compliments in my house!

Have fun creating!

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