diy lego pinata

It’s one of my favorite time’s of year…..BIRTHDAY MONTH! My sons and daughters birthday are both in November and I love to throw a big party. Every year we have a theme and since they are a boy and girl and 3 years apart we like a theme that is unisex. This year it is the LEGO theme. They both told me they wanted a pinata (we have never had one before) so I started looking into buying one. I couldn’t find one in the store so I started looking online. While doing my search I found some YouTube videos on how to make them. Seemed simple enough.

I wasn’t interested in making a round one, I wanted to make a rectangle one. Most of the videos I found were using balloons and a paper mache blend. Then I came upon this one using a box. So I began. A box, a lot of tape, a few yellow cups, and a roll of yellow crepe paper streamers and about an hour later I had a pinata.

 I ransacked all the Halloween candy we had and put aside a bunch to stuff my pinata with. Not a bad deal.

Super fun to make and super excited to use it!

Pinterest Link: DIY Lego Pinata

Website link for directions

YouTube video for tips on how to make it