Do your kids have a ton of Lego? Do you have Lego kits made in every room? On shelves? Is there no method to the madness?

Well this was the answer to my same dilemma. My daughter had all the Lego kits made in her room…on shelves. She also had random pieces in boxes. I had to do something before Christmas came. So I began my search on Pinterest and BAM…found some awesome plans.

I am lucky to have IKEA about  20 minutes from my house. So a quick drive up there to get the Trofast storage units. These are awesome and the bins fit great and work wonderful for Lego’s. Next was a quick trip to Home Depot for some 1/2 ” MDF wood for the top (I mad 39″ x 6 foot). I also bought some 2 x 4’s for bracing and some trim for the sides. I had some screws at home so I used those (2″ deck screws actually).

Home we went and had some help from my husband carrying the boxes to the basement (they are super heavy). I had a special helper (my 4-year-old son) helping me build the storage units. It was a fun project to have him help me with. I laid the MDF on a table and put 3 coats of semi glossy white paint and a coat of polyurethane. I also put two coats of paint on the trim too. When everything was dry I attached the 2 x 4s to the storage units and the MDF to the top of it (the 2 x 4’s are used or bracing). I used screws because when we move I want to be able to easily take it apart and put it back together. When putting up the trim I made sure there was a 1/2″ lip above the MDF so the Lego’s just don’t “fly” off the table.

I printed out labels on my computer for each of the bins with the colors as well as people or miscellaneous and put them on their with packing tape. Then it was the fun part. Setting up and organizing all the Lego’s. The height of the table is perfect for my 4-year-old. For Christmas he is getting a really nice train set….which I plan to put in the middle. My daughter is getting a few big Lego kits (the hotel and the roller coaster), so there is more than enough room for those. I love the bins because you can pull them out completely and put them on the floor or table to build or you can pull them out a little and find what you are looking for.

All and all a really well-built table that will last a long time and can be used for lots of things…other than Lego. So excited for Christmas!

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