Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th! My mom lives in New York and I love to send her a little something every year. I just love a beautiful gift box but the cost to buy them already done is just never in my budget. I like to treat my mom to a little DIY Spa Day and this was the most fun way to do it without breaking the bank. I reused this box that was given to me as a gift but you can buy them for pretty cheap online.

I filled mine with the following things I knew my mom would just love:

1. Lotion

2. Nail Polish

3. Nail Files

4. Facial Mud Mask

5. Homemade Chapstick

6. Her Favorite Candy

7. A gift card for Panera for lunch

8. Macy’s Gift Card

I added little directions and a cheery note. With a little creativity and an empty box YOU TOO can create this.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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