The Dahlia Flower represents many things…for me most it is finding a balance between adventure and relaxation.

When I saw this on Pinterest I just had to sit down one afternoon and do it. It is very inexpensive and quite fun to create. The picture directions I found are simple enough to just look at the pictures and follow. Again I fired up my trusty glue gun, found an old box for the piece of cardboard, and an old book. I hung it on my wall in my living room and get lots of compliments on it. I left mine plain but you can spray paint yours if you choose.

Whatever the Dahlia may mean to you…make yours today as a constant reminder and piece of beautiful artwork for your wall.

Pinterest Link

Website Link for Directions

What Does the Dahlia Flower Mean?

The common Dahlia symbolizes

  • Staying graceful under pressure, especially in challenging situations
  • Drawing upon inner strength to succeed
  • Traveling and making a major life change in a positive way
  • Standing out from the crowd and following your own unique path
  • Staying kind despite being tested by certain life events
  • Finding a balance between adventure and relaxation
  • Commitment to another person or a certain ideal
  • Warning someone about a potential betrayal.