It has become sort of tradition every year in our house that the kids make ornaments for friends and family. When Charlotte was 2 I started this and to this day we still do it. Ever year the ornament is different. I found the pine cone idea on Pinterest but put my own touches on it. We found the pine cones (free) in the woods which was a fun adventure. Then we took them home and rolled them around in some white glue. While they were wet I let Charlotte dust them with glitter. She loved this part. I then hot glued some silver bows and some fake poinsettia flowers. Wal-Mart sells these flowers for super cheap in their craft area. I had some leftover thin red ribbon that I tied around the pine cone. Almost done…

Every year I like to take a picture of the kid(s) making the ornaments and print small business card sized labels out. On the front is the picture….one the back is a poem. I laminate and punch holes in them and attach them to my ribbon.

Here is the poem…

Here is a Christmas ornament just for you,

I helped to make it when I was two.

I made it just for your tree,

And ever year you look at it you can think of me.

Merry Christmas

Love, Charlotte

Christmas 2011

I enjoy writing the poems ever year and most of all looking at my tree and remembering how small they both were. This was our first ornament we made together. Now we tend to buy the foam ones that come in a box from Michael’s. I take a picture of them making them and write a poem and do the same thing as above. The foam ones are easy and durable to ship with  Christmas cards too. A nice add on and a wonderful memory!

What are your Christmas traditions?

Pinterest link – DIY Pine Cone Ornament Kids Can Make