Everyone grocery shops. Whether it’s once a week (like me) or once a day (like my mother)…we all do it. I spend an hour once a week for a family of 4…and that is two stores. We live about 5 minutes from an Aldi and a Walmart and those are my go-to stores. I menu plan so that helps but I am not one of those cooks who feel we have to have Taco’s every Tuesday. I make a menu that is flexible…so it works with what we feel like that day.

One thing that has truly saved my shopping is having this Excel Grocery Shopping List. I have the worst handwriting and can barely read what I write. Grocery shopping used to be a mystery sometimes when I wrote something fast and got the store.  I was given the Excel Spreadsheet List by a friend about 8 years ago and have used it ever since. I have it on the fridge and when we need something I just check it off. My list for Aldi is set up according to my stores layout. My other Grocery List is set up by Type of product.

Now I want to share it with you. I used my snipping tool on my computer to take some pictures of the lists….but the writing is super tiny. Below the pictures you will see links to the Excel worksheets that you can download. Once they are in  your Excel you can alter them however you want. Adding and deleting any items your household buys.

Please let me know if these lists help you!

Happy Shopping!

Excel Lists

Aldi Grocery Shopping List

Grocery Shopping List