I was looking for a fun gift the kids could make their Grandparents this year and saw this on Pinterest. I bought these bamboo spoons at Walmart  but you can get them online too if that is easier for you.

I decided to put my own twist on it and use their fingerprints as the polka dots. I had some acrylic paint and had them dip their finger in the paint and put it on the spoon. They had a few different colors and were having a blast (as you can see there was lots of concentration going on as well).

I let them dry over night.  In the morning I took a sharpie marker and wrote a quote on the back of them (Fingerprints make a house a home). I also wrote their names and put the date on them as well. I put a thin coat of Polyurethane on just the handle and let it dry overnight. In the morning they were ready to be wrapped.

A very fun and easy craft for kids to do. Make yours today!

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