“Giving makes me happy.” This was said by my 7-year-old daughter Charlotte this past weekend. I absolutely love quotes. I used to have them plastered up on my walls at work as my inspiration and motivation each day. This new one by my daughter now tops the list.

The kids made ornaments and handed them out at our local assisted living home. This was not done with girl scouts or their schools…it was done by our family. I enjoy showing the kids what “true” giving is. It doesn’t have to be bought (last year they painted pictures on construction paper). My 3-year-old son was not shy at all and going up to all the seniors in their beds handing them chocolates and homemade ornaments. The smiles on their faces were priceless (the kids and the seniors). When we were leaving I asked them how it made them feel….and happy and good seemed to be the all around feeling.

Yesterday at the thrift store I was given a really nice reusable bag with my purchases in it. I told the lady that I didn’t need to have such a nice bag and a paper one would do but she insisted. She told me I would need it. She was right.  I was shopping at Aldi that night and met a lovely senior lady whom forgot her bags. While talking about holiday time, baking cookies, and her husband’s time at the rehab facility, I gave her that bag. As I walked to my car with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye I thought to myself, “Giving makes me happy.”

Tomorrow, my daughter and I will volunteer to drive around and deliver food to families in need. Then we will make cookies for all our neighbors. My new years resolution, to give more…and often.

As it nears Christmas do your self a favor and Pay it Forward. Show your children. Make yourself happy.

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