If you don’t go the natural route now then you might want to after trying this recipe. If you do already then this recipe will save you some $$$$. The ones you buy in the grocery store can be quite expensive so I thought I would look online to make my own.  I found this recipe and gave it a try. YES! It does work!

I used an old container so that was great (you can buy them online if you want). I will be honest, the initial cost to buy all the ingredients can be a lot. BUT, after you spend it you will have enough to make A TON of them and other DIY beauty products like lip balm and lotion too. I ordered the beeswax pellets and arrowroot powder online and bought the other ingredients in the store (you can buy them online too though).

I do want to warn you though, once you start making your own beauty products you might not want to STOP!           SO MUCH FUN! ENJOY!

Pinterest Link:  Homemade Deodorant Stick Recipe for Sensitive Skin

Website link for recipe and directions