Brave Bracelets

A fashionable tool that was created to help young children be brave and courageous for the first day of daycare and school, hospital stays and doctor visits, military deployments and separations, as well as other firsts and difficult times.

Each purchase of a BRAVE package includes two adjustable handmade silver-toned metal bracelets with the words BRAVE engraved on them; one for child and one for adult. On the day and following days of your child’s “first/trying time” both the parent and child wear a BRAVE bracelet.


HippoDuck  – Trouble at the Airport

HippoDuck, an unusual stuffed animal, love a good adventure with their best friend Charlotte, but when an unexpected turn of events happen at airport security, they embark on their own journey only to discover that although an unlikely pair, when disaster strikes, they make a great team.

For Ages 4 to 8