I was looking for a centerpiece for my table for the holidays and ran across this great idea from Pinterest. The link takes you to Etsy where you can buy it for $40…but I decided to take a go at it. I found a pallet on Craigslist and found some great directions on YouTube to take it apart (yes…there is a right way to disassemble them). I used some spare screws I had and a cut up 2 x 4 for the ends. You don’t have to stain it if you don’t want to  but I had some extra lying around from another project. This stuff works great….only one coat too for that rustic look!

I also use the centerpiece for Christmas as well with a few red candles, some greens, and some pine cones. Looks great!

Pinterest Link: Rustic Pallet Wood Planter Centerpiece Box

Website link to buy it