Hi! I am Sandy of Simply Pinspired! I am a stay-at-home mom who loves to stay busy but has limited time and a budget. I love Pinterest as a library of inspiration and motivation for all sorts of things. Moms are busy….and we know that simple is best. I want to help “pin-spire” in a simple yet fun way.

I am in no way officially associated with Pinterest but I stay up till all hours of the night pinning things…so I feel we have a close relationship.

I love being a mom, going on dates with my hubby, spending time with my family, having friends over, and road trips to new places.

I am new to blogging. After I graduated college (way back when) with a Bachelors in Communications and Business with a concentration in Marketing I worked for a nonprofit theater and then a live music venue for over 5 years.  In 2008 I took a leap and started my own business as a virtual executive administrative assistant. In 2009 I had my daughter Charlotte yet I still had my business till 2012 when I had my son and we moved for my husband’s job and I had my son Matthew. During the time at home I was also inspired by my children to write and publish a children’s book …something I never thought I would do.

I have always had a creative side. Although I can’t say I am a MASTER at anything I feel I am GOOD at a lot of things. I like to sew, paint, build, make jewelry, organize everything, formulate beauty products, and try new recipes, garden, DIY home improvements, and really anything else I can get my hands on. My father taught me to be confident, not be afraid to try something new, and to not give up…so I use that theory almost every day.

I started Simply Pinspired in hopes of sharing my trials and tribulations with “pin making”.  I plan on writing my blog posts based on what I make, find, buy, or do on Pinterest. I welcome your suggestions and comments so please don’t hesitate to write them.  I know I need some sort of creative outlet and decided to give blogging a try to share it with you. Enjoy!

You can find me a bunch of places online, but start with Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Subscribe to my Feed!